Comic Review: Love in Vain, Robert Johnson, 1911-1938 (2016)

Love in Vain tackles one of American pop-culture’s most enduring, mysterious, and interesting figures, bluesman Robert Johnson, and retells his life-story in a widescreen graphic novel format. Some might say that there is a certain redundancy in telling the life story of a musician, particularly one who’s sound was as unique and prophetic as Johnson’s, […]

Comic Review: Strange Fruit #001 (2015)

Storytellers: J. G. Jones & Mark Waid, Art: J. G. Jones, Lettering: Deron Bennett After the massive controversy surrounding the first issue of Strange Fruit, I thought it time to read the issue myself and write something about it. I’ve been looking forward to the series since it was announced. Mark Waid is one of […]

Comic Review: Aliens: Salvation (1993) Premiere-Edition Hardcover (2015) Review

Script: Dave Gibbons, Pencils: Mike Mignola, Inks: Kevin Nowlan, Colours: Matt Hollingsworth, Lettering: Clem Robins I was fairly excited for the release of this graphic novel. I had previously read the first volume of Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens omnibus, which I thought was compelling material. It was easily better than Alien3 (1992) and Alien: Resurrection (1997), and […]

Film Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

After reports of ridiculous production woes and months of online ridicule by comic-book fans, I almost wanted Fantastic Four to blow everyone’s socks off. It wasn’t the Fantastic Four movie I wanted, and that was apparent from the earliest trailers and snapshots, but it looked like it had the potential to be an interesting, hard science-fiction […]

Spotlight on Peter O’Donnell and Jim Holdaway’s Modesty Blaise

Welcome, dear readers, to the first in a new on-going column – Spotlight. In these columns I hope to shine a light on some under-appreciated films, books, comics, and albums. Today’s inaugural column focuses on the stellar 1960s action/adventure comic strip Modesty Blaise, written by Peter O’Donnell and illustrated in its initial run by Jim Holdaway. Enjoy! James […]