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Welcome to Tales from the Border, an on-going anthology web-comic. Expect short comics and graphic novels that explore questions that concern us all. Who are we, and how do we change when we’re pushed to the limits of human experience?

The first instalment of this anthology will debut on the 2nd November 2018. An adaptation of an Emily Brontë poem, it is a story that deals with isolation and the eerieness of the English landscape.

My first graphic novel will also be serialised as part of Tales from the BorderThe Stations of the Cross is set shortly after the Crusades and follows the story of a knight who has ran from the trauma he has endured. Having lost his faith, he begins to question which is more terrifying – that God doesn’t exist, or the possibility that he does

I hope you’ll join me soon. I can’t wait to show you my new work.

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Andrew Sztehlo