Tales from the Border

Click below to see all the instalments of Tales from the Border! Expect stories based in genres such as fantasy and horror, autobiography, and adaptations from literature and music.

001: “Spellbound”

A woman is lost in darkness in this adaptation of Emily Brontë’s poem.

002: “Jack on Fire”

In the West, there is a darkness.

003: “Albion”

On the battlefields of the Somme, a British soldier has a supernatural encounter.



Something has to change. Published 10 November 2018.


Been trying to put into words some things I’ve been feeling recently, and nothing has come. Published 05 November 2018.

Remembering You

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is leave. Published 20 December 2018.

Comic Strips

Uneasy Dreams

  Reading Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” leads to some interesting avenues of thought. Published 06 November 2018.

Other Work

Ma’oz Tzur

Dani Plung writes this response to the Pittsburgh shootings. Published 04 December 2018.

The Beach

The story of one man witnessing the last sunset, considering the ending of all things. First published June 2014 in Attic Comics #1.