I fancied something different to check out with my morning coffee so I headed over to check the comic out but ended up reading half the website as his thoughtful, informative writing drew me in too.

– Karen Ruffles, Screamfix

When Andrew Sztehlo first walked into a Bedford comic book shop as a nine-year-old boy he was just a wide-eyed youngster who was overwhelmed by the racks of Spider-Man and Batman books on the shelves. But 14 years later he will be making a triumphant return for his first-ever signing event as a published artist.

-Ben Raza, Bedford Times & Citizen

Whilst reading this issue of Tales from the Border I couldn’t help thinking that my reading environment wasn’t a suitable setting for these stories. Instead of a room lit by daylight, albeit a rather grey and wet day, slouched on my sofa with a mug of coffee to hand, the tales being told here somehow feel better suited to a high-backed chair in a dark room lit only by a roaring fire, the night time wind and rain battering the windows whilst the reader nurses a double whisky and I think that should tell you everything you need to know about Andrew Sztehlo’s “Tales from the Border”.

-Duane Weatherall, Bar Harukiya