Tales from the Border, issue #1 KICKSTARTER!

Some of you will have seen the comics work that I’ve been debuting on my website, Tales from the Border. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my work with you all thus far. It’s been really exciting not just sharing my first professional pieces of work, but also hearing all of your reactions. Thank you for all of the support you have given me thus far.

Now, it is time for a NEW ADVENTURE. Debuting in March, Tales from the Border will now become a print comic with our very FIRST PRINT ISSUE!!!

This will be an ongoing anthology comic series. You’ll see not only the best comic strips of the online version, but there will be LOTS that is EXCLUSIVE to the PRINT VERSION. This includes short essays, exclusive illustrations, and for the very first time, the FIRST CHAPTER of my original graphic novel, THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS. This has been in development for some time, and I absolutely cannot wait to share with you what I think is some of my very best work.

Here’s where you come in! To fund the initial print run of this first issue, I will be selling it EXCLUSIVELY through KICKSTARTER. If you would like a copy of this initial print run, please select your exclusive copy from the rewards tier. As with other Kickstarters, the more you fund, the more you get back too! For slightly higher prices, you can get SIGNED COPIES, get your name in this first issue, and even get some ORIGINAL INKED SKETCHES included with your delivery!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT??

We have till the end of January to reach my funding goal of £200. Anything that is raised beyond that, if I am so lucky, will go towards the printing of additional copies, to be distributed in stores around the UK!

So please, consider joining me on this new adventure – and get ready for some more TALES FROM THE BORDER!!!


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